Antonov An-12 2 Ukraine Air Alliance AN-12BK Smoking Planes at London Stansted Planespotti

Antonov An-12 propeller aeroplanes landing and departing from London Stansted Airport on the same day. These old aircraft are a relatively rare sight anyway but to have two landing and depart from London on the same day within a few hours of each other is unusual. I hope you will enjoy the video of these almost 50 year old aircraft as they perform a steep approach landing and offer some amazing bass prop sounds along with the characteristic smoke trail. These aircraft are a sight and sound to enjoy. Both aircraft were operated by Ukraine Air Alliance and were painted in different liveries. The aircraft both departed for Heraklion.

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Tags: Antonov, An12, Soviet, Russian, Ukraine, Air, Alliance, AN-12BK, Propeller, London, Stansted, Smoke, Landing, aircraft
Date: 2018-03-11