Emirates, Etihad, Qatar at Sydney. Your favorite is?

During JustPlanes last visit to SYDNEY AIRPORT we were lucky to get some great footage of EMIRATES, ETIHAD and QATAR AIRWAYS both their Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s so here is a 10min compilation which we hope you'll enjoy. While on the subject it would be nice to hear from you as far as which airline you prefer as a passenger and also which livery you think is the most attractive. 4 HOUR SYDNEY AIRPORT FILM Info http://www.justplanes.com/sydney.html 4 HOUR SYDNEY AIRPORT FILM Video Trailer https://youtu.be/Np2EzQqpTYE

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Tags: Emirates, Airline, Etihad, Qatar, Airways, Airbus, a380, Boeing, 777, Sydney, Airport
Date: 2018-04-06